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Joe Quinn,  from Sydney, Australia, now based in Bern, Switzerland



I am a caring and enthusiastic educator, who is successful in supporting children in learning. With a focus on developing strong relationships with students based on mutual trust, respect and empathy, I help children foster a self-belief which enables them to have the confidence and skills to reach their goals and fulfill their potential. Honesty, the use of humour and a willingness to try creative and divergent approaches, assists children in recognising their strengths with the aim of supporting their needs. This fosters independence and a love of learning in a fun and safe way.



 - Drama at British School Bern (10 years): Full design and implementation of 2 drama programmes for       children 6-8 years and 8-12 years. Full coordination and management of children’s stage productions       (2-3 per year). 36 productions in total.

-  Teacher at British School Bern: My role as teacher has been in the following subjects: ESL, Drama             (Year 2-6), Music (Reception and Year 1), Gym (Year1-6) and Swimming.

- Support Worker/Classroom Assistant at British School Bern since 2004.

- Reader and public speaker for Stauffacher bookshop, Bern.

- Children’s event manager for Pepsi-Cola annual family party, Bern.

- Children’s party coordinator Sydney/Bern.

- Preschool/Child Care Assistant/Support Work- Sydney, Dublin, Monaco.

- Performer in children’s stage production-3years: "Andy Jones and the Funky Monkey’ Sydney"



Bachelor of Arts (Psychology).

Certificate in Child Studies.

Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) for Autistic Children.

Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

School’s Attuned Program (All Kinds of Minds)  to develop supporting children with additional needs in the classroom.

The Art of Storytelling Workshop.

First Aid Certificate (Refresh course).



Born in Sydney, grew up on the famous Northern Beaches…quiet surf village (outdoors/nature).

Lived in cities: experienced vibrant creative scene: theatre, concerts, festivals.

Travelled extensively: lived in Dublin, Ireland, Monacco, now Bern since 2002.



Theatre, music, reading, films, art, dance, puppetry etc: anything that tells a story!

Swimming, ocean, outdoors, nature, hiking, travel, history, exploring different cultures and food, psychology and how the mind interacts with behaviour (currently studying) at uni. Philosophy!

thinking about thinking (currently studying at uni).

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