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About Joe's Drama:

Joe’s Drama offers children the opportunity to participate in English speaking theatre classes. Children are encouraged to explore theatre and acting through role-playing, movement, speaking and drama games. By using their imaginations and developing their creativity in a fun, active, non-threatening environment, children will enhance their acting abilities, and gain skills that are beneficial for both on and off the stage.


Why?: Joe’s Drama recognises that children naturally learn, develop and make sense of their world through play. Joe’s Drama builds on this instinctive ability, by providing experiences where children can use play to learn theatre skills such as improvisation, mime, performance and stage-craft. However, the benefits that children gain from participating in drama are much more extensive.


Here are some benefits of Drama:


By participating in fun drama activities, the children’s self-esteem starts to grow. As they recognize their successes and are enthusiastically encouraged by their peers, they are soon confident and ready to perform for others and maybe even take part in a stage production. Joe’s Drama’s is a safe and supportive environment, where respect is given for every effort.



Drama requires that children work in a team effectively and cooperation is an important skill to achieve this. Joe’s Drama provides many opportunities for learning how to work collaboratively, from improvisation to producing a show. Having fun learning and creating together, is the perfect occasion for practising social skills with the possibility of making lasting friendships.



Theatre is about telling stories to others. At Joe’s Drama, children will learn how to tell a story and communicate with and without using words. Playing drama games and participating in role-play, encourages children to communicate effectively. This improves listening and speaking skills, such as vocabulary, projection, pronunciation and articulation, as well as extends non-verbal skills such as the use of facial expression and body language.



Drama allows for the exploration of diverse imaginary and real-life situations, and to investigate how people react to the world around them. Children are able to learn about their own and other emotional responses and are encouraged to imagine the many ways they can be expressed. By celebrating these differences and diversities, children can better understand themselves and build empathy for others.



At Joe’s Drama, children learn how to express their creativity in a variety of ways. Through games and activities, the children are encouraged to use empathy through which to view situations from different perspectives; to generate ideas; to problem solve imaginatively and discover inventive solutions; to think divergently and to respond spontaneously.


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